Singular is a collective, not an agency.

We're a group of ambitious creatives working together closely to better serve our clients, and to help each other pursue our goals beyond freelancing. We're results-oriented in the extreme. We'll create for you like we create for ourselves.

If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.
- Lucille Ball

Share your organization's mission with us. We'll identify, design, and build the tech you need to get there sooner.

To kick off a conversation, send a note to [email protected]
(Not to worry, just one of us will reply, not all of us at once!)

"In the arena"

Our core team.

Ajay Chainani
A full-stack software engineer with deep expertise in iOS development and extensive startup experience.

Brent Hargrave
Full stack engineer (iOS, server APIs).

Meng He
Product design and strategy (mobile & desktop), identity brand design, UX/UI, wireframing, visual design, user flows.

Brian Pelayo
UX/UI designer helping craft products through research, prototyping, and visual design.

Ulysses Popple
Android/Web/Interactive developer, creating innovative experiences through code.

"On deck"

Contributing part-time, so we're there for them in the future.

Andrew Cornett

Our Work

New York Sports Clubs (NYSC)
Hired by Kettle to work alongside their product, design and server engineering teams to build the new NYSC iOS app, a (small) part of Kettle's extensive brand work for the clubs.
Read their full case study!

Open mHealth
Open mHealth designs and evangelizes new standards for the ever-growing data generated by our mobile devices (steps, sleep, etc.) To support this evangelization effort, we built an open-source iOS library, Granola, that every iOS health app developer should use in their code. And we built an app using Granola, called Hipbone, that syncs your Health app's data with your Dropbox account, in order to let anyone with an iPhone see Open mHealth's standards at work.