Why we practice "open email."

Our email address is unusual: everyone@singularcollective.co

We chose "everyone" to advertise our collective's "open email" practice, where every member cc's the entire membership in their work communications, by default.

If this strikes you as crazy, we encourage you to read about this practice at wildly successful companies like Google and Stripe.1 The benefits are real and numerous, but we care about one in particular: trust.

Trust, by our members in us, that when they share their time, energy, reputation, and relationships with the collective that the fruits of those contributions will be immediately visible to them, not hidden or obfuscated. Everyone contributes, and so everyone needs to see the raw, unadulterated results of our collective effort. Without this transparency and the trust it inspires, our members walk.

Open email enhances other organizations.
Ours can't exist without it.

  1. Greg Brockman's Email Transparency and Scaling Email Transparency at Stripe; Tomasz Tunguz's Building Your Startup's Institutional Memory (Google); Joel Gascoigne's Defaulting to transparency (Buffer), and Ben Kamens on Email transparency at Khan Academy